US History 2


Welcome to the U.S. History 2 homepage.  This class typically covers the period in American History from the time of Reconstruction (perhaps just after) to the current time period.

Above you will see the textbook that is going to be the main text used for this class is Glencoe’s The American Vision (2010 edition). While it is true, that this is the main text and material that will be used in class, it is by no means, the only material that will be usedAny resource, including primary sources, other texts, & the Internet, will be used as well..

Student grades will be computed in a variety of waysNotes, projects, group discussions, tests and quizzes, videos, and of course, CLASS ATTENDANCE.. As far a s the grading itself, I will be following the school district guidelines for the grading policies. Click grading scale to see how student grades are scaled. As for how the assignments (classwork , tests, etc.) are weighted please click category weights to see the relevant information.

As mentioned on the HOME page, I will also use the US HISTORY 2 main page to post any relevant information meant just for this class.  There is a  CLASS ASSIGNMENTSRecent / Current (Current classwork (2 weeks or less), will be available; special links will provide access to older lesson material. tab, an UPLOAD YOUR WORKWork completed electronically, will be uploaded, back to me, via the UPLOAD YOUR WORK link., and a STUDENT FOLDERSStudents will be able to view any work that has been graded AND returned to them, electronically.  tab as well.  

Again, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school. The number is 856-966-5100 ext. 37340. You can also use the email form on the CONTACT tab above.

I look forward to a great year and to working with parents and students alike.

Grades, as of 10-17-13, are listed according to your student ID: